Natural Order

Man needs to realize his fundamentally social as well as individualist being. If every man were like the other, we would overspecialize ourselves to death and have no real leaders, but if we only cared about ourselves and not society as a whole, we as individuals and as a society would degrade and eventually die.

Society must organize in this way: Individuals are allowed to be individuals but with the good of society above all. All cells serve the body in their way but, the wellbeing of the body matters overall.

The leadership must also exist with this concept in mind. We must have leaders who, in their individual ways and because of their merit, lead. Since it is the duty of those capable to rule for the betterment of society as a whole. It is also the duty of those under said rulers to follow. This is the basis of the natural order.

If this order was not followed society would descend into a hedonistic free for all. If a leader has to appease his people he can not fully do what is logically best for society. For example:

A ship captain knows what he is doing and has the personality type to be able to skillfully direct and place people in positions to do what must be done. He does not care, for instance, that his ship crew wishes to drink while on duty. He only cares that logically this policy, if adopted, would harm the crew's abilities and thus the ship as a whole.

Society is much the same, although the downsides from mismanagement and personal hedonism are far greater. A ship does not go down if our leaders fail or are unable to lead, our people as a whole do.

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